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Excellent Eliza: The All-New Longsleeve Hoodie Top From LuLaRoe | Fit, Feel, & Sizing

Another day, another new style to review-- and this time it's the all new LuLaRoe Eliza longsleeve hoodie top! The newest addition to the LuLaRoe lineup, the LuLaRoe Eliza features a nice lengthy cut, high side slits, and a hoodie with a functional drawstring. Crafted in our buttery soft leggings material, you are never ever going to want to take off the LuLaRoe Eliza longsleeve hoodie top.

Plus size woman is wearing a v-neck button-down shirt with a purple tie dye print and long brown braid.
LuLaRoe Eliza Longsleeve Hoodie Top Size Chart

Now let's take some time to talk about LuLaRoe Eliza longsleeve hoodie top, especially for plus-size fit. I am a 20/22/24 in regular department store clothing, and typically purchase size 2 or 3 in Torrid styles and a 2X and 3X in LuLaRoe styles, both dependent on cut and fit. I am also 5'9" if that helps! And a 42-44 DD across the chest. So, according to the LuLaRoe Eliza size chart, I should be a 2X.

I find the sizing of the LuLaRoe Eliza to be most similar in fit to the LuLaRoe Amber hoodie.

As a 20/22 I am technically in-between sizes on the LuLaRoe Eliza size chart, and pictured here you can see me in the 2X LuLaRoe Eliza. However, I am also very comfortable in one size up, as you'll be able to see in my sizing video that's posted below.

Ultimately, I feel like the LuLaRoe Eliza size chart is a good jumping off point and that most ladies will like their true to size fit, but some ladies will like sizing up for a bit more roominess and length.

For more in-depth sizing information on the LuLaRoe Eliza longsleeve hoodie top, especially for plus-size ladies, check out my YouTube sizing video now:

Ready to shop the fabulous LuLaRoe Eliza longsleeve hoodie top?

Head to my VIP shopping group by clicking here now.

Mauren Sparrow Style is a body-positive, plus-size LuLaRoe boutique based in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are local to Little Rock, Conway, Maumelle, Russellville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Arkadelphia, Jonesboro, and more you are always welcome to schedule a time for in-person shopping. Email me anytime at

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