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How Much Does It Cost to Sign Up & Sell LuLaRoe? 2023 Edition.

Hi there! If you're reading this, you're likely considering signing up to sell LuLaRoe in the year 2023. And I'm here to help you out.

For reference of my personal experience, my name is Mauren Sparrow Kennedy and I originally signed up to sell LuLaRoe in November of 2016--Thanksgiving to be exact.

LuLaRoe was only ever going to be a side hustle for me, as I was working a full-time job when I signed up, but I quickly realized that with the level of sales I was beginning to achieve, I couldn't work two jobs and live a fulfilling life. So, I quit my full-time job in March of 2019 and have been running my LuLaRoe business as a full-time, self-employed woman ever since.

Back in the day, signing up meant you joined a waitlist called "the queue" and waited your turn until LuLaRoe was ready to bring you on-board. After a six-week wait in the new retailer onboarding queue (that truly felt like forever!!), I received my on-boarding call in late January 2017, placed my initial order, and have been proudly selling LuLaRoe ever since!

It's been over six years since I decided to begin my LuLaRoe boutique journey, and it's an understatement to say that things have changed a LOT since then -- especially when it comes to the sign-up process. I'm here to give you a super-simplified explanation of how much it costs to sign up and sell LuLaRoe in 2023, as well as additional expenses & things to consider when setting up your own small business.

A woman wearing a black top, floral leggings, an Apple Watch, and sunglasses is standing next to a stack of boxes labeled Carly, Classic T, Lindsay, Julia, Irma, Monroe, Randy, and Cassie.
Me and my very first official LuLaRoe order in January 2017! These boxes were so heavy, and I was so excited. Almost all of these styles have since been discontinued--crazy, right?

When I initially signed up to sell LuLaRoe, we were required to purchase one of several starter kits that came with a pre-set amount of sizes and styles. These starter kits were intended to set new retailers up for success with a fully shoppable, in-person boutique that would allow anyone to try a full range of sizes in the (then) available LuLaRoe styles. At the time, most retailers were selling primarily in their homes or at vendor events, while some were just beginning to transition to fully-online stores. These original starter kits started at $4999 and went up in price from there, depending on if you added on other styles or kits to your initial order.

Don't let that old price stop you in your tracks, though; because as LuLaRoe has evolved and adapted, so has its onboarding process--and the onboarding costs. Let's take a closer look.

In 2023, anyone who would like to onboard will spend just $499 to become an official LuLaRoe retailer.

So, what does the $499 LuLaRoe onboarding cost include?

Complete access to the BUILD & BLESS ordering and sales platforms (including various sales reports, customer retention information, as well as a system that calculates, withholds, and pays sales taxes for you, a HUGE benefit), a mostly customizable inventory website, and 65 pieces of your choice from styles available in the LuLaRoe warehouse.

No matter what pieces you choose to on-board with, you will be receiving a significant discount from standard LuLaRoe wholesale costs, as 65 pieces for $499 averages out to about $7.70 per piece--yet another awesome way LuLaRoe now sets up retailers for initial success.

There are several other things you should also consider when you want to begin your LuLaRoe business.

Pick a sponsor you vibe with, and someone who will actually respond to you.

When you sign up to sell LuLaRoe, you must pick a sponsor to sign up with. As someone who had an INCREDIBLE sponsor who has since moved onto other things, I urge you to find someone who is willing to answer any questions you may have whenever you have them.

Sponsors do not exist to run your business for you, they are intended to be business mentors.

Sponsors also receive compensation (a very small percentage, paid for by LuLaRoe, not you) when you are on their team, so keep that in mind as well. LuLaRoe does not allow you to switch sponsors, either, and if your sponsor goes out of business for whatever reason, you will roll-up to the next active retailer--who you may or may not know.

Something to keep in mind is that a local sponsor is not a necessity, but can be helpful when it comes to sharing inventory and doing LuLaRoom takeovers.

At the end of the day, I feel like the ideal LuLaRoe sponsor is someone who has been with the company for a while, someone who is running an active, profitable, compliant business, and someone who is willing to to be responsive and help whenever it is needed. Look around, ask questions, and find a sponsor you truly vibe with. My team is always open but I encourage you to reach out to several LuLaRoe retailers.

This is a BUSINESS, and owning a business means HARD WORK.

Being in business for this many years, I have seen lots of LuLaRoe retailers come and go. The one thing I ALWAYS tell anyone who wants to sign up to sell LuLaRoe, especially in 2023, is to be prepared to work... and work hard. I was never promised an easy paycheck, and will never promise you that either. But what I will promise you is that your success is dependent on your willingness to work this business like an actual business. It can be done, and has been done, but only by those willing to do all the things, try and fail, and get back up again every single day and do it again.

You do NOT have to build a team or sell thousands of dollars a month to be "successful" with LuLaRoe.

Despite the many pre-existing misconceptions about the direct sales world, LuLaRoe is one of the few companies that exist where you can make a significant income primarily from selling LuLaRoe product alone.

And success is whatever you want it to be.

Maybe you want an extra $500 a month in your pocket.

Maybe you're a stay-at home-parent and want to try your hand at something new.

Maybe you have a passion for fashion and this seems like a great option for you to dip your toes into running a business for the first time.

Whatever you're wanting to accomplish in this life, LuLaRoe can make it happen--as long as you're willing to work your business like an actual business.

And although LuLaRoe does financially compensate its team leaders with bonuses (paid for by LuLaRoe, not by retailers), you are absolutely not required to sign up a single person in order to make money with LuLaRoe.

That is one of the many reasons I personally decided to take the leap and start my LuLaRoe business--I do not believe in recruiting for recruiting's sake. I am always happy to share my personal LuLaRoe experience, and always willing to bring people aboard who really want to make it work; but at the end of the day, I make my income by selling amazing clothing to my amazing community, and not because I have people "under" me.

Storage Space

You will absolutely need a space to store your shiny new LuLaRoe clothes! For example, my little shop is currently the master bedroom of my house. Designate a room or specific space in which you can hang your clothes, and make sure you give yourself enough room so you can move around freely. Make sure this area is also away from places (like the kitchen) that might make your clothes take on a new odor.

You CANNOT sell other clothing products when you sell LuLaRoe, but you can sell other non-competing products.

Let there be no confusion whatsoever that when you sign up to sell LuLaRoe clothing, LuLaRoe clothing is all that you can sell. You cannot source clothing from other vendors, and you certainly cannot run a separate clothing shop. You CAN, however, sell other, non-competing products. This includes purses, jewelry, snacks, belts, etc. As long as it is not clothing, you can sell it alongside your LuLaRoe products. Attempting to sell other clothes while also serving as a LuLaRoe retailer directly breaks LulaRoe's policies & procedures and can end in the termination of your business. Do not do it.

Additional Supplies to Consider

When you sign up to sell LuLaRoe, and regardless of what anyone may tell you, you are starting your own small business from the ground up. As such, there are several supplies you will need to acquire in order to make sure your business runs smoothly -- and they are not included in your initial onboarding costs. Supplies you will likely want to order:

- Clothing racks. Your initial 65 pieces will easily fill a double standing hanging rack. If you decide to build up your inventory, you may need to invest in more racks as time goes on.

- Velvet hangers. I strongly recommend investing in velvet hangers on the front-end, as they keep garments from slipping and look extremely professional. Trust me on this one.

- A label printer, a package scale, shipping supplies, and a shipping program. Although you may not be shipping a ton of packages at first, you do not want to have to continuously drive to the post office to ship your LuLaRoe packages. I use the Zensales shipping platform to cheaply and efficiently ship my orders. I package each order in a clear plastic bag, and use fun and colorful poly mailers from UPakNShip. I currently use the Dymo 4XL label printer, but have heard great things about the newer Rollo printer. Then I use these thermal labels for shipping labels! Grab any package scale off of Amazon, but I do recommend grabbing one that can weigh a package at least up to 50 pounds.

-A tripod with a cell-phone holder. You will eventually need a tripod with a cell-phone holder for taking photos of yourself wearing the clothes. I've had this tripod since I onboarded and it is still in great condition. And this phone mount has held all of my phones, all the way up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with ease.

- Ring light(s). Whether you plan on going live on Facebook to sell LuLaRoe or would rather post photos instead, a ring light will give you great, bright lighting for whatever you'd like to achieve. I have this Neewer 18-inch ring light that I use almost everyday. This is truly a must-have for serious LuLaRoe retailers.

- Marketing materials. You may want to wait to invest in marketing materials, but it's important to consider this cost if you decide to continue and grow your LuLaRoe business. VistaPrint often has discounts and promo codes, so I strongly recommend using them to make package inserts, promo code coupons, business cards, and more.

As your LuLaRoe business evolves, there are more supplies you'll likely want to add on. However, this is a great starting-out checklist, and gives you a good idea of additional costs you will need to consider when beginning your LuLaRoe business.

Social Media

It is totally up to you how you'd like to run your business, whether its primarily online or in-person. But something I believe that all LuLaRoe retailers should attempt to maintain is a social media presence. Free advertising is the best advertising. I personally have always been a primarily-online seller, and must be willing to grow and adapt in order to find and serve my audience. Even if you plan on running your LuLaRoe business in-home, social media is without a doubt one of the best, free, organic ways to promote yourself.

Despite its shortcomings, Facebook is the hands-down largest social media platform with over 2 billion global users. Although LuLaRoe is a United States-only company (for now), Facebook is one of the best places to find new customers and serve existing ones. Many retailers utilize a private (or closed) Facebook VIP group as well as a public-facing Facebook business page to advertise their business and grow their community. I have both if you'd like to check them out. My Facebook VIP page can be found by clicking here, and my Facebook business page can be found by clicking here.

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, catapulting people into instant stardom overnight with its viral algorithm. And although the number of the users on the platform has skyrocketed, many people still don't use TikTok to create content, which means it's a great platform to gain customers who are new to LuLaRoe. My TikTok account is a bit of a mish-mash of content, but I have found new customers that way!

Instagram is likely the third most-populated platform, but is far more visual and requires daily content creation. LuLaRoe retailers use Instagram to share how they style new styles, connect with new customers, and spread their own personal brand message. You can check out my LuLaRoe Instagram account by clicking here.

YouTube is important for creating long-term content such as sizing videos, styling videos, and even live sales when you hit a certain number of subscribers. YouTube is important because it is owned by Google, and makes your content much more easily searchable by people who use that search engine. Which is a lot! I primarily use my YouTube account to make sizing videos for new styles, you can take a look by clicking here.

Pinterest is a highly-targeted search content engine, and a great place to post styling resources, blogs, and other shareable content. There are many LuLaRoe retailers who are on this platform, but few who use it efficiently for their business. I will fully admit my LuLaRoe Pinterest could be more active, but I try! You can see my Pinterest account by clicking here.

It's important to note that you are most certainly not required to use social media to share your LuLaRoe business, but I will always and without a doubt recommend it. With more and more more brick and mortar stores shutting their doors, social media is becoming even more important in the growth of small businesses, and not participating is leaving money at the door.

The LuLaRoe business opportunity changed my life, and is still changing lives. At the end of the day, LuLaRoe is ENTIRELY what you are willing to put into it, and you must be willing to try and fail. A lot.

No small business is instantly successful, and honestly, a lot of them do not make it. And keep in mind, this is not exclusive to the world of direct sales.

"According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50% have faltered. After 10 years, only around a third of businesses have survived."

I know that's, like, kind of a grim statistic to end this blog post with, but it's important to pay attention to when considering literally starting your own business. As someone who has been in the LuLaRoe business for 6 years now, there have certainly been ups and downs. But the highs far outweigh the lows, and the many amazing ladies I have met along the way will be friends for the rest of my life.

If the LuLaRoe small business opportunity is something that interests you, please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know. I have a handful of incredible women on my team and I'd love to have you on this epic journey with us!

The $499 LuLaRoe onboarding cost is so much more accessible than it used to be, so now the LuLaRoe opportunity can be yours. If you want it. My email is -- drop me a line anytime.

For the year 2020, the average Retailer gross profit was $10,073.41 while the median gross profit was $1,444.65. For more information, please read the official LuLaRoe income disclosure statement here:

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