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The All-New LuLaRoe Jackie Jacket Will Have You Jumping for Joy | Fit, Feel, & Sizing

I've mentioned this in other blogs, but this girl runs hot. My thermostat is always set on sixty-something, and I usually start to sweat the second I even think about the sun. Which is one of the many reason I am so excited about the launch of the all-new LuLaRoe Jackie jacket, originally part of the LuLaRoe Great Outdoors Collection and now officially mainline, too!

The LuLaRoe Jackie jacket is a lightweight piece made of polyester and nylon, with so many details it's impossible to count them all! My favorites are the pockets, functional zipper & hood, and the ability to cinch the waist for a more fitted fit--it's all too cute.

Now let's take some time to talk about LuLaRoe Jackie jacket sizing, especially for plus-size fit. I am a 20/22 in regular department store clothing, and typically purchase size 2 or 3 in Torrid styles and XL/2X/3X in LuLaRoe styles, both dependent on cut and fit. I am also 5'9" if that helps! And a 42 DD across the chest. So, according to the LuLaRoe Jackie size chart, I should be a 2X.

As a tall person, my primary issue with LuLaRoe jackets over the years is that they're just too short for me. I like a full-coverage jacket. And the all-new LuLaRoe Jackie fulfills this lifelong wish perfectly, especially in my true-to-size 2X, which I found truly delightful.

However, also as a tall person, I find the arms in my true to size 2X LuLaRoe Jackie to be a little too short for my preference.

So, pictured here, you can see that when I size up to a 3X in the LuLaRoe Jackie jacket, the length for my arms is perfect.

Ultimately I am going to recommend that ladies stick to the LuLaRoe Jackie size chart for intended fit, but to consider sizing up one if they have longer arms like me. The ability to cinch the waist on this jacket also means that sizing up can be a bit more shapely.

For more in-depth sizing information on the LuLaRoe Jackie jacket, especially for plus-size ladies, check out my YouTube sizing video now:

Mauren Sparrow Style is a body-positive, plus-size LuLaRoe boutique based in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are local to Little Rock, Conway, Maumelle, Russellville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Arkadelphia, Jonesboro, and more you are always welcome to schedule a time for in-person shopping. Email me anytime at

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