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The LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tees Are Finally Back--YAY! | Fit, Feel, & Sizing

After an almost year-long wait and many, many pleas for its return, LuLaRoe has finally brought back the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee from the 2020 Americana Collection!

A super generous and roomy top, the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee was a quick customer favorite and sold out before many of the other Americana styles. The new version of the LuLaRoe Boyfriend tee features the exact same cut as its predecessor, but comes in a luscious and super-soft rayon material that is great for all body types.

Plus size woman is wearing a v-neck button-down shirt with a purple tie dye print and long brown braid.
LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee Size Chart

Now let's take some time to talk about the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tees' sizing, especially for plus-size fit. I am a 22/24 in regular department store clothing, and typically purchase size 3 in Torrid styles. I am also 5'9" if that helps! And a 42-44 DD across the chest. So, according to the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee size chart, I should be a 2X.

The LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee stole my heart when it originally launched last year, and has swiftly stolen it again with this unexpected relaunch.

In the photo on the left, I am wearing a 2X LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee which is my true to size. It is oversized for sure, but that is how the piece was designed.

I can easily fit into an XL LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee, as you will be able to see in the sizing video I have posted below, but much prefer the fit of the 2X, personally.

Ultimately, I think most ladies are going to wind up liking a full-size down in the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee; but if you like things oversized--true to size is the ideal fit.

For more in-depth sizing information on the LuLaRoe Boyfriend Tee, especially for plus-size ladies, check out my YouTube video below:

Mauren Sparrow Style is a body-positive, plus-size LuLaRoe boutique based in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are local to Little Rock, Conway, Maumelle, Russellville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Arkadelphia, Jonesboro, and more you are always welcome to schedule a time for in-person shopping. Email me anytime at

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